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Saturday, March 5, 2011

bicara pendita

if she/he really love you,she/he will go after you as far as she/he could..just like there is nothings else more important then you in this world..lets see how far she/he will go for u..

how if we dah pergi sejaoh mungkin for her/him,but she/he still didn't realise that or maybe pretend like she/he don't have any idea about that and still too far for us to get her/him as we wish??

of course you need to go much further,aren't you??

for example??

maybe there is something wrong with you,your self,attitude or personality..

but,it is our self!!we are who we are!!right?

yeah..but if you choose to stick on that,just get ready to loose her/him then..

so,what are we suppose to do??

i don't know..perhaps just try to be or look like what she/he want you to be..

damn perfect as god??

who knows..

but nobody perfect right??

yeah..we all know,love doesn't have eyes even one,heart even half and brain even dumb to see,fell and think about that..

or maybe she/he just not for us..

perhaps,nothings in this world can describe or explain what the fucking love is really is..it can be the most cruel things or the other side..

and we got the cruel one..

no!!you choose the cruel one

how come you so sure on that??

you are the one who knows the answer..


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